Website Design and Creation

I specialise in building user friendly and well structured W3C standard compliant websites. To ensure these sites are well structured and fast loading I mostly hand code web pages.

You’ll receive effective, clean coding based on W3C web standards for better performance, including experienced and specialist knowledge of Web Accessibility guidelines, personalized attention, customized, eye-catching design and more, including basic SEO services with every new web design and website redesign.

Web standards are the basis of the Internet and also are the answer to correct functioning, easier maintenance and better search engine optimization of websites.

All web sites are validated according to W3C HTML / XHTML web standards to ensure cross browser compatibility.

Also my sites are designed to be accessible in accordance with the UK Disability Discrimination Act which requires that all UK businesses make their websites accessible to partially sighted people.

Skills & Services

I have extensive knowledge and experience in creating clean web standard designs and great looking, functional websites and offer a wide range of skills:

I create only hand-coded sites with a high quality code to exacting web standards. This way I provide high quality products with maximum performance using the following skills:

  • Web design & web development
  • Usability / User experience
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • knowledge of accessibility issues
  • Knowledge of Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Web analytics
  • PHP / ASP. NET
  • Javascript/AJAX